First K-probe at CBRS, CHU Limoges

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Optical system dedicated to medical diagnosis

Newly-formed innovative company Kamax produces and develops new real-time imaging systems based on the polarization of light, to help medical diagnosis.

Our technology enables Medical Practitioners to improve their decision taking strategies while analyzing the samples (biopsys).
The precision and the reliability of the images produced by our devices constitute a real help tool to diagnosis for the health professionals.
Based on a non-contact and non-invasive optical imaging technology , no damage will be caused while handling the samples.
The balance of contrasts is a determinant in the perception of details.

Kamax is a start-up CNRS project. The technology is the outcome of CNRS-XLIM and the University of Limoges research projects.
Originated in Limoges, the company is located at the Ester Science and Technology Area.


Founders and advisors


Founder CEO


Strategic Advisor

Dominique PAGNOUX

Scientific Advisor

Pr. Jean-Luc PERROT


Medical Advisors

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