Company presentation

Young innovative company created in 2013 in Limoges, KAMAX develops a technology resulting from the work of the CNRS-XLIM and the University of Limoges.
Its main activity is the development and commercialization of the first polarimetric scanner of histological slides targeting in particular the field of cosmetics and anatomic pathology.

Result of 5 years of research, KAMAX protected all its innovations by a portfolio of patents.

The company has also obtained CE marking for all its products, which allows it to market in Europe and to comply with regulatory safety requirements. KAMAX also meets the requirements of ISO 9001, Quality Management System.



Company creation


First fundraising


CE marking


Marketing and second fundraising


A multidisciplinary team that has the attention to detail.

Jérôme Desroches

Jérôme Desroches

Kamax Innovative System CEO & Founder

After 5 years of research, Jérôme Desroches, Ph.D. in Photonics and patent agent, releases the technology of the laboratory and establish a team of six people.

Among them, software developers, PhDs from the University of Optics and Materials, a Regulatory Affairs Safety Engineer.

The company also has its own sales force and tomorrow its distributor network.

Scientific council

The company KAMAX is accompanied by a group of experts composed of a researcher at the CNRS, biophysicists and doctors in pharmacy.

In particular, they bring their skills in the technical development of the imaging platform, the strategic intelligence, their in-depth knowledge of the target markets, which make it possible to better understand the needs of customers.

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