K-probe® The only polarimetric scanner for histological slides

The method is based on a contactless technique, with optional staining leading to no degradation for handling the samples. A simple and instantaneous answer to absolutely evaluate certain optical properties of fibers.

Contrasts allow a more precise, complete and faster analysis with a resolution lower than a micrometer (1000 times smaller than a millimeter).

A 3 in 1 device for an ideal result



Software and Analysis

Innovative technology, visualization software

An imaging platform with 4 modes of functionality


This Mode provides a fast low resolution image of the entire slide.

10” in microscope mode
20” in polarizing microscope mode
Optical magnification 4x


This Mode provides a High Definition (HD) view of the sample.

Brightfield / Polar microscope
40x optical magnification, 80x digital


This Mode allows you to scan all or part of the slide with HD resolution (40x).


This mode is only available in the K-probe XPolar version and provides high performance polarimetric contrast.

Strong contrasts
Large dynamic range
Real-time distribution analyzer

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