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In parallel with the K-probe (Optical fiber Polarimetrical imaging devices), the Kamax company makes use of their optical engineering competence in the project management.
Their mission begins with the emergence of the idea on site and is pursued until after the manufacture of the designed system. Kamax manages the projects while setting their clients’ satisfaction as their prior goal. They provide them with a status report throughout the development process.

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The optical aspect :

Apart from their skills and innovative capacities, the Kamax develops complex optical systems. In the course of their careers and projects, the Kamax engineers and doctors have broaden their knowledge and have acquired the know-how that provides them with a reputation in all optical technical areas (scanning, polarimetric analysis, interferometrics, calculation of optical systems, spectrometry, diffraction and optical Fourier, optical miniature scanner MEMS…)


The electronics :

Thanks to the partnership with IKALOGIC Company specialist in the field of electronics, Kamax offers his clients a specific knowledge in CAO electronics, the acquisition and treatment of signals and built-in systems… The prior collaborations with this company has enabled Kamax to develop expertise in the field of microcontrollers and FPGA, high frequency electronics, multi-system interfacing and complex optical system commanding.


The mechanical aspect :

Assembling contact lens is a key step in the optical system assembly. Mastering mechanics is essential. Knowing how to outline and resize the pieces in order to further assemble the optical components is linked to the knowledge of Mechanical precision. Kamax has developed mastery in the field of optical-mechanics.

computer science

The computer science :

One of Kamax strongholds is to lean on a team composed of computer experts. Each project benefits from their expertise specially while designing made-to-measure user interfaces providing the global optical system with usage flexibility.

Project exemple :