The cosmetics of tomorrow tested in Neuville-sur-Oise .
The I Elie Julien

To reproduce in one hour the reaction of the skin to the exposure to the sun of Marseilles in July, to test the elasticity of the epidermis after several weeks of uses of an anti-aging or moisturizing cream, to observe the solidity of a hair… All these experiences are now achievable within the University of Cergy-Pontoise and its premises site Neuville-sur-Oise. Inaugurated a few days ago, the platform called Cosmétomique will play an important role in the Cosmetic Valley, a group of players from the world of cosmetics ranging from Tours and Blois through Orleans and the Paris region to Haven. “We need to group the tools to test Cosmetics products in the Cosmetic Valley,” says Pascal Griesmar, professor and head of Cosmetomics. It’s done here! “.

At the origin of this high-level laboratory is a change in legislation. “Before, we tested the products on great apes, breathes the professor. It is now prohibited by a European law.

3D vibrator measuring the elasticity of a material in vibration or optical topograph visualizing the reliefs of the skin … These tools, which will allow to continue the tests of the cosmetics, are extremely expensive. “We will be able to rent our instruments and our premises so that start-ups and small companies in the sector that can not afford to have laboratories like the world giants, can try,” summarizes Nicolas Wilkie-Chancellier, researcher and professor at the university. PhD students should also scramble as soon as next school year to take advantage of these attractive tools.

The K-probe®, “the first optical scanner in the world”, according to its creator, allows to X-ray an object 1,000 times smaller than the millimeter. “We will be able to see the influence of a product on the hair,” enthuses Jerome Desroches, the designer and former researcher CNRS.